The Awkward Screw

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Ep. 1.04 // Don’t Taka ‘Bout It // Part 2

February 22, 2019

While the repairs on the ship are being completed, Helount and Artur finalize the plans for smuggling an ancient artifact to a massive mining outpost aboard the Screw. Marrk introduces Tony to an old flame while the Captain wades through the depths of corporate insensitivity at OgleCon…

Written and Produced by Michael Curtis and Tim Ramaekers
Mixed and Edited by Michael Curtis

Artur is Rixen Blackheart
The assistants and Ansel are Zack Michel
Garble is Lesley B. Albright
Anju Jayohwen is Jack Tyrades
Helount Gafse is Tim Ramaekers
Marrk Deet is Jack Tyrades
Tony Pale is Michael Curtis