The Awkward Screw

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Ep. 1.12 // Convergence // Part 2

August 30, 2019
Strap in for the Season Finale... The tale of how the Awkward Screw came to be drifting in the Far Wastes has nearly all been told. The code has been deciphered and the crew are about to find out what it says and what that message will mean for their future...

Written and Produced by Michael Curtis and Tim Ramaekers
Mixed and Edited by Michael Curtis

Collapse of An Empire by Alternate Endings
Witch Hunt by Dresden The Flamingo
Eroding the Will by Hill
Fast Approaching Mayhem by Hill
Mild to Moderate Hysteria by Hill
The Inner Battle by Hill
The Seeds of Unrest by Hill
Trouble in Darkness by Hill
Duchess of Doom  by Hill
All via
Captain Asterik is Zack Michel
Jasska is Kaylee Stilwell
Commander Ratchelson and Lieutenant Enmothe are Lesley B. Albright
Kaya One and Petty Officer Plebes are Lance Waldinger
The Captain and Marrk are Jack Tyrades
Helount is Tim Ramaekers
Tony is Michael Curtis