The Awkward Screw

The Awkward Screw header image 1

Ep. 1.08 // Point the Way // Part 2

June 7, 2019

After landing in an asteroid cave in the Glove Belt, the Captain is trying to seal the turret bay while Helount comes clean about the cargo and what exactly they’re carrying. Meanwhile the Pirate fighter Kaya 1 has orders to destroy a ship that escaped the PBP’s grasp at HOM-P. In that ship, Jasska is struggling to reach the Awkward Screw and the mysterious artifact before it’s too late...



Written and Produced by Michael Curtis and Tim Ramaekers

Mixed and Edited by Michael Curtis



Out of Options and Entering the Firebreather’s Lair by Hill




Jasska is Kaylee Stilwell

Kaya One and Petty Officer Plebes are Lance Waldinger

The Captain and Marrk are Jack Tyrades

Helount is Tim Ramaekers

Tony is Michael Curtis