The Awkward Screw

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Ep. 1.10 // Drift with Me // Part 2

July 19, 2019

Helount continues investigating the mysterious signal they are receiving. While Marrk brings us up to speed on the events just after the Catastrophic Folding Field Failure that has left the Awkward Screw drifting in a region of space known as the Far Wastes...

Written and Produced by Michael Curtis and Tim Ramaekers.
Mixed and Edited by Michael Curtis

Ensign Tulmeya is Joseph Ramaekers
Helount’s Grandfather is Don Ramaekers
Jasska is Kaylee Stilwell
Kaya One and Petty Officer Plebes are Lance Waldinger
The Captain and Marrk are Jack Tyrades
Helount is Tim Ramaekers
Tony is Michael Curtis