The Awkward Screw

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January 6, 2020


Marrk Deet

Marrk “Dazzling Deet, was the Fingers’ Junior Ring-Fighting champion for 3 years. After a falling out with his trainer/mentor he went looking for adventure and he certainly found it. Marrk has been the Security Specialist on The Awkward Screw for six years now and looks forward to the time he gets to spend off the ship entertaining females of most sentient species in the galaxy. Marrk is a loyal and lighthearted friend to many, but especially to Tony.


Tony Pale

Tony Pale was born a slave on a moon that’s been over mined for the most valuable mineral in the galaxy. After escaping by stealing a ship when he was 10 years old and commencing to wreak havoc in Palm Bay, he quickly became a pilot the galaxy would both love and hate. Years later most forgot about him except for one Captain Jayohwen. Tony can be irritable and forgetful, but after six years on the ship most of the crew is used to it.


Helount Gafse

Helount Gafse is great at fixing almost anything, especially if it involves electronics. Born on one of the central worlds in the Palm, the first 26 years of his life he walked the path of the Hondon Shaman as was customary in his tribe. One fateful day a rival tribe attacked and decimated Helount’s tribe, the only reason Helount survived was the strange appearance of a Baldact Captain. Seven years later Helount is a vital member of the crew.


Anju Jayohwen

Anju Jayohwen, the Baldact Captain of the Awkward Screw was born on a ship 51 years ago, near the end of The Glove Wars. The refugee ship he was born on was damaged in a battle and drifted throughout space for over ten years. Anju tried living off ship for several years, but ultimately the blackness of space called to him and luckily a family friend had just the ship for him, an HR-270-1M. All he needed after that was a crew.